Monday, September 28, 2015

Date the Wedding

For the sake of this story I'm going to assume that you've never heard of Date the Wedding and will need the whole thing explained first. Date the Wedding is, at it's core, a fake wedding put on for couples to see what all goes into a wedding. Vendors from all sectors come together to put on this wedding that walks soon-to-be-married couples through the step-by-step process of a wedding from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner to reception. It's an amazing concept that really helps a lot of people who would otherwise be in the dark about the day's process. 

The guests signed in at the Blandwood Mansion and Carriage House and were immediately welcomed into the Rose Garden for appetizers and champagne served by Rosa Mae's Catering staff which showed the appropriate way to hold a cocktail hour. During this time they were welcome to simply enjoy the provisions and company or speak with the vendors set up to show off their trades nearby. From attire and make up to officiants and photography, every aspect of a wedding was represented - with our team there to talk about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner/day-of coordinator, of course!

Our team set up a beautiful display that showcased some of the awards Knot Your Average Events has won in the past as well as lots of planning tools that are always at the disposal of our clients. We were able to talk to the couples about how important it is that they and their families are guests at their wedding rather than staff. You never know how important it is to have a day-of coordinator until your mom misses your first dance or the cake cutting, or someone's out of the bridal party photos because they're making sure the food is set out for cocktail hour. 

There was a ceremony coordinated by yours truly (Jennifer) and officiated by All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad. After the ceremony the guests were shown a demonstration of the way the photos of the bridal party work (when your guests would usually be at cocktail hour) by Magnolia Ridge Photography. When that was finished, the guests were taken inside to see the way introductions work with the help of DJ Paul Cordts and then were brought down to enjoy a delicious dinner.

Food and beverages were provided by Rosa Mae's Catering and it was all delicious and beautifully displayed. Their staff goes above and beyond for an affordable price.  After dinner came the cake cutting and first dance for the bride and groom (who were an actual couple celebrating their anniversary that very day!) Then the reception began! Paul kept the party going while guests could enjoy the bar/coffee bar from Rosa Mae's, a beautiful candy bar from the Candy Ladies or the photo booth with Mike in the Night DJ Services. All of the vendors put together a great party and at the end of it, donated prizes to the couples in attendance. Whether is was discounted services or tangible gifts, almost everyone went home with something! 

We had a great time at Date the Wedding and heard so many couples saying they learned a lot while having a great time! Here's a list of the other vendors who participated in the event:
Valentia Ifuerza
Ashley Watts Makeup
Happy Rentz
Mechanical Eye Films
Hot Rod Getaway
KWB Marketing
Songbirds Consignment
The Lofts at Union Square
Julie Miller Money Harp
Keepsake Bouquets
Oh Betty Boudoir
Black Tie Formal Wear

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall into Your Wedding Day

When you think "fall wedding", what do you see?

I see various shades of orange, green, brown and beige with pumpkins and leaves everywhere. For a girl whose favorite color is orange, the idea of the typical fall decor sends even me running. It's a theme that is easily overdone and far too loud and that tends to take away from your special day. 

Have no fear, though! There are plenty of ways to have a fall wedding that is elegant and beautiful without being over the top! Here are a few of my favorite ways.

Wood is a great way to bring the comfort and calm of the outdoors inside while bringing in the browns of fall in an understated way. Instead of piling leaves in the center of a table (which I have seen before and let me tell you, anytime a breeze blew I was afraid of dirt getting into my food!) surround candles like these with a very simple garland that brings in a bit more of the colors of fall. 

The glassware on this table is the perfect tie-in to the theme. Hints of amber are a beautiful fall touch that doesn't take the theme over the top.

Since I've been in North Carolina, the idea of an outdoor Fall wedding has seemed like the perfect day. Sunny, 72˚, breezy... Can you imagine a more perfect day? In Florida Fall is just a less intense hot so that wouldn't even be an option for me there. If you're planning to have an outdoor wedding in the fall, consider using your surroundings as your decor! 

This table setting uses the trees as part of the design and with the candles all around there is a whimsical element to what could have been a boring dinner set up. Plus, the colors are perfect! What says "fall" more than the colors of the outdoors in fall?

Get creative with your lighting! Why use chandeliers when you can do something like this? The uncovered lightbulbs hanging from branches and twigs incorporate the outdoors in a beautiful and unique way. The different types of bulbs keep the mood whimsical and fun. 

This is the kind of lighting that takes a simple ceremony set up and makes it something your guests will never forget. 

Don't forget to incorporate the colors into your floral arrangements! The colors of fall look absolutely beautiful in flowers. And hey, you don't even have to use just flowers! Adding in small extra elements that aren't flowers gives your arrangement an extra layer that your guests won't be expecting.

See these photos and more on our Fall Wedding Ideas Pinterest Board!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

River Landing is KNOT Your Average Venue

The ABC State Meeting was held at River Landing Sunday August 23, 2015. Of course the clubhouse was clearly beautiful from the outside and it was lovely inside but I was not prepared for the elegance and beauty that I was shown when Madi McDougald took us on an in-depth tour of the venue.

We started the tour at the River Lodge which is a beautiful (and affordable!) location for an outdoor wedding. You wouldn't believe the specials available when booking this venue! 

 There's even an enclosed dock looking out over the water! Past couples have used this as a designated kids' area to keep them safe from playing too close to the water! Set up activities and fun foods down here to make sure the children attending your event are having a blast while you and your guests don't have to worry about keeping them out of trouble!

A few more pictures of River Lodge

Inside the Mad Boar we found lots of more intimate rooms that would be perfect for rehearsal dinners and smaller ceremonies. 

One of the ABC members touring with us used "Moulin Rouge" to describe a gorgeous room with red lighting fixtures and a detailed gold ceiling. It really was a warm and intimate feeling with the perfect hint of mystery.

My personal favorite wedding spot was part of the Grand Ballroom. You have the option of getting married by the lake downstairs which is simply beautiful. The bride even gets to make a grand entrance down this staircase!


If the weather isn't cooperating with you that day, renting this space comes included with a  covered balcony overlooking the lake. It's still the same gorgeous backdrop with the added plus of overhead coverage. But the perks don't stop there!

There is a beautiful space inside that also comes with the (incredibly affordable) purchase of the Grand Ballroom! If you don't want to get married or hold your event outdoors, you have this huge space inside to hold it! This way you can use the indoor cocktail hour space or the balcony for cocktail hour!

The possibilities at River Landing are endless and there really is something for everyone. It has the look and feel of million-dollar elegance without the million dollar price tag! 

Go to River Landing's Website for more information and photos!