Wednesday, February 15, 2017

1st Birthday Wishes

While we absolutely adore doing weddings and corporate events…last year we had sooooo much fun assisting in the one of the biggest milestones in any family’s life… the first birthday!  We met Ashley through our membership with the Alamance Chamber at a breakfast before hours meeting.  We quickly begin searching locations that wouldn’t break the bank because we know their house would host the number of guests attending. 

After securing the Coleman Barn for the festivities we started looking into catering companies, entertainment and of course decorations.  Creating a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” themed birthday parties for Natalie was a personal highlight of my summer.  Seeing this bundle of joy (super happy baby) attend our monthly planning meetings brightened my day.  We got to watch her grow up throughout her first year.

Traditionally the first birthday party is really for the parents who survive saying “we
did it… we made it through the first year and she survived….lol” wasn’t really the case for this little angel.  But that didn’t mean the parents didn’t celebrate.  We had a fabulous catered meal by Dickie Do’s and an open bar to cheers to all of the great memories thus far.  They shared stories, laughed, opened gifts and spent time with out of town family.

One of the memories that stood out to us that day…was when her dad carried down the walkway to go and look at the water that we’ve sent several brides down on their wedding day…I paused and said “wouldn’t it be amazing if this place was still open and we can hold her wedding here in 30 years when they let her start dating….”


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Letters Creating Memories

We’ve had some really great inspirations when it comes to “themes” for weddings.  Our September 10th couple loved playing board games and Scrabble happen to be their favorite.  So why not have that as a theme for a wedding.  This bride’s eye for detail and clever ways to incorporate the Scrabble idea amazed us!  Sometimes with “themes” it can get cheesy super-fast in a blink of an eye so being creative has to come with limitations. 

Some of our personal favorites were the small tiles in the boutonnieres, larger letters used for table numbers for escort cards, customized cupcake holders in the shape of the letter holders from the game, mini game boards showing food buffet items and tiles spelling our bar menu and dessert flavors.  Here’s a few photos of these little details that made a huge impact…


However, our very favorite highlight of the day and night were the creative gifts our couple presented to us…including scrabble cheese-its, our favorite snacks and a traveling scrabble game…our staff had a blast playing with it once we returned to the office that night!


Special Thanks to our Creative Partners:

Western Steakhouse

Centerpieces- Flowers by Gary

Wedding Party Flowers- With Love and Petals (Etsy Shop)

Linens & China- Alamance Party Rentals

Officiant- Personal Weddings

Video, Lanterns, & Fabric Draping- Dream Builder Productions

Photo Booth-Flashbacks by Red

Invites- Tidbit Designs (on Etsy)

Make-up- Clinique @ Dillards in Triangle Town Center

Hair- Dolce Vita Salon LLC

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cops & Doughnuts

We love a good themed wedding… and we were honored when one of our best friend’s little sisters requested our assistance in taking over the stress of planning a wedding.  See a little over a year ago we were decorating and setting up for my BBF’s baby shower.  I knew her little sister was getting married the following year and just happened to extend our services to the family.  She politely declined saying they had it handled and that they were going to DIY everything to save money….as the months passed by I ran into them from time to time at other family get togethers, never hearing anything further. 

Then out of the blue, I received a message via Facebook asking if we could still help
and that all of the DIY plans were falling apart and/or becoming more stressful than ever anticipating.  During the first meeting I learned that the communication with their original DJ had been sparse and very unprofessional.  We quickly created a list of professional vendors to jump in and take over the décor, design, and entertainment. 

The details of this wedding is what made it so memorable to us.   The groom is a cop for our community and our bride wanted to have a little fun plus make sure he had several areas that reflected his personality too.  So although they had a small cake to cut for photos, the real treat was the tower of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  They were a huge hit!  Our bride was reflected in several aspects from all of the smaller DIY projects her and her mom completed to the soft pale pink roses and baby’s breath.  This wedding truly showcased their personalities. 

During the planning we had long talks about past weddings amongst the family and that most ended early due to no dancing or alcohol.  I told her many times, it all depends on the day, the mood, the right recipe of vendors and guests as to how the day will progress.  At one point we even had the grandparents dancing, who didn’t even dance at their wedding reception.  There were so many opportunities for the photographer to capture memories I think we honestly could have gone another hour or two with this crowd…and that’s without any alcohol! 

This group is why we do what we do.  We were able to handle all of the behind the scenes so that the family could be guests.  And waking up to reviews and text messages letting us know what we had done for them really speaks volumes why you should choose a partial planner over a day of coordinator every time!  Or else you could be “handcuffed” to your planning every second of every day prior to getting married. 

Vendors aka "magic makers":
City BBQ
Treasures by Theresa
                                                  Platinum Salon
                                                  Pastor Robbie Owens

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Knot Your Average Events... Finding My Passion


In Fall 2015, I transferred to The University Of North Carolina Greensboro from North Carolina Central University still in search for a career path I wanted to pursue. I became a student of the Community Recreation and Event Planning program unsure of my commitment to this department until I was enrolled in a class that gave me a vision of my career. I was enrolled and quickly engaged in Jennifer Ball’s (Event Planning/Event Management CTR 423) course. In this course I found that helping others plan and coordinate special events was my niche. I once was told “Build your own dreams, then someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Discovering what ignites my passion instantly drives me to find a way to share it with others.

Photo by: Kayla Jean Photography

As I begin my last semester at The University Of North Carolina Greensboro. I have been awarded the opportunity to Intern for Jennifer Ball and her (Knot Your Average Events) company. I look to use this professional guidance to learn the day by day steps it takes in becoming a successful event planner.

 Student Learning Outcomes
By the end of the Internship, I will be able to:

 ● Plan/Design a Special Event
● Implement a Special Event
● Conduct a Program or Special Event with Limited Budget
● Manage KYAE Website
● Promote KYAE and Special Events
● Communicate Professionally with Vendors and Agencies
● Manage Staff and Lead to Event Setup ● Provide Quality Customer Service to Participants of KYAE 
To Be Continued:

 ~Riddim Hackett (KYAE  Intern)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Trends Heading Our Way

We had so much fun attending the WeddingMBA in Vegas this fall.  If you already follow us on social media you received several sneak peeks at what’s heading our way.  The craziest part is everything we learn last week truly won’t hit NC for another few years.  So if you want to be a trend-setter keep reading…

The color green is going to be HUGE!!! This includes lush greenery in your floral, centerpieces, ceremony décor, and wedding party flowers.  Linens will showcase this color and add pops of accents throughout your event space.

BOLD colors will be the other options…think 80’s without the neon tints.  Fun patterns and textures will be embraced more than ever before. 


Flower walls as backdrops to ceremony alters, escort card displays, photo booth areas, cake tables and even your sweetheart space makes for a great spot to add this amazing show piece to bring in your event colors.

Floral crowns will embrace not only bride’s heads but their entire wedding party including the cute flower girls and even moms.  How amazing would it be to have your florist stay onsite and create floral crowns for guests as a party favor.  The experience alone will have your guests talking for years to come…

Gold isn’t going anywhere…if anything it’s going to take over!  The more sparkly the better!  (super excited about this!)

Customized bars and drink stations are going to be a great way to add design elements and your personality to your party.  Bars are going to be moving away from the plain boring 2 8-foot banquet tables and black linens.  We’ve got several local builders that will custom make a bar for your event and rental companies that supply fun bars your guests will talk about way after the dance party has ended.

Speaking of bars….create a lounge vibe for your event.  Guests leave events because they are bored.  Create areas for them to people watch, engage with the action by just sitting on a couch by the dance floor, or satellite areas they can sneak off for conversation with family they haven’t seen in a while.

Seating is another huge game changer! This is one area I think I’m most excited about because I’ve been trying to talk couples into out of the box seating further than a 5-round table with 6-10 guests.  Mix up you tables by having some tables be smaller and intimate with 4-6 seats and then have others be family tables with larger groupings.  Think of different types/styles of tables.  Ask if your venue has larger rounds,  different size of banquet tables, serpentine tables.   We’re currently looking to showcase these ideas during our next few designing meetings with upcoming events.

Menus are another area you can put a spin on your event by adding creativity.  If your budget allows do more than just chicken, a starch and vegetable.  Do action stations or even consider bringing in food trucks to showcase your favorite meal.

I know we are currently shifting to more of a design partial planning service for our clients.  Don’t worry we’ll still offer the other packages but we are ready to bring your wedding into the future.   Be a game changer…trust us!  Your guests will think you were a genius planning your event from all of the details and before this area’s time for the latest trends….

(Thanks to Pinterest for the photos)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Keys to a weekend venue

So you’ve booked a venue for an entire weekend...that sounds too good to be true but
it’s not.  Several local venues hand over their keys for 2-4 days and as long as you don’t burn the place down and leave it like you found it you can pretty much do anything you want.  While this sounds like a lovely idea…it’s not if you don’t have a production team to handle all of the logistics, delivers, set-up, tear-down, clean up and traditional venue responsibilities.  It’s great to have extra time to set up and take down everything but it’s a very long weekend and you will want to save all of your energy for the dancefloor (we hope).

Thinking of booking one of these weekend getaway retreats? Here are some great questions to ask:

·         If an emergency happens, how close is the nearest staff member?

·         What all does the rental come with?

o   Does it come with tables, chairs, dancefloor, etc?

o   Does it come with sheets and towels?

§  Do you have to wash prior to leaving?

·         What are the rules for cleaning up?

o   Does the venue supply toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags?

§  Where is the plunger located?

o   Do they have mops, brooms, dustpans, etc?

o   Are there trashcans on the property, if yes, how many?

§  Is there a dumpster on site?

§  What are the rules regarding trash?

§  Do they recycle?

·         Make sure to know where all of the water and power sources are located.

·         How close are the neighbors?

·         What is the noise restrictions?

·         Are there any parking restrictions?

o   Have you thought about parking attendants to make sure there is order in the parking area so you can get as many cars parked closer to the venue?  And so that their cars/trucks are not all in the back of your photos?

We highly recommend bringing in a professional team to make sure to come in and assist with the set-up of tables and chairs for safety and proper set-up.  The worst
thing to have happen is have a fire marshal check out the venue and shut your event down or worst someone gets hurt during an emergency.  Plus you want to make sure all of your tables are properly secured and locked in place…you don’t want your cake falling or a table falling on a guest.   Not to mention having extra hands on deck the day of the event allows you to be a fully rested guest at your event and you can relax knowing you don’t have to clean up either.  It’s great having true unlimited hours but remember although you have the venue for unlimited hours, you might not have your vendors for unlimited hours.  Read all of your contracts and negotiate timelines that work best for you, your vision and your venue.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Don't leave your guests bored and in the dark

Have you ever been to a party and felt like it was dragging and lacked pizzazz?  People don’t leave weddings because they have somewhere else to be…they leave because they were BORED!  Don’t let that be your event!

In the South, we’ve all been taught that’s it’s okay or polite to leave after the couple has cut the cake.  Now I understand most elderly do not wish to drive in the dark but still if you are at a 50% guest count by the halfway mark of your reception, we failed somewhere in the entertainment area.  Here are some ways to keeping them “thirsty” for more…

·         Lighting will set the tone for the event.  Not just up lights and market lights… Lighting is one area you shouldn’t skimp on!  Have a healthy budget when it comes to lighting and fabric draping.  Even better request the lighting team stay onsite to change the mood from dinner to 
     dance party.

·         Seating…don’t encourage people to take a seat at the dinner table in the back of the room and feel not connected to the event.  Placement of dance floor is critical when looking at layout.  If room doesn’t allow for a centered dance floor, offer lounge seating and/or cocktail tables close by for people to hang out and people watch.

    ·         Late night snacks…let people know there’s more than “just dinner.”  Use signage and/or menu cards to let people know the best is just getting started.

    ·         Offer games, photo booths and other fun activities for people to interact with one another throughout the night, not just cocktail hour.  Great creative here! 

    ·         Offer a glam area for ladies to primp and touch up make-up (outside of the restrooms).  You could even have your hair and make-up team onsite doing lashes, offer mini-makeovers, mini manicures, etc… you could even create event temporary tattoos for the guests.

Offer late night entertainment.  If you have a theme bring out dancers or characters for guests to interact with.  They photos they will be posting will have not only your guests talking for weeks after the glitter and confetti has settled but also all of their friends following them on social wishing they were a part of it all. 

·         At the end have your love story over take your final dance…remember your whys, your vows, your toasts, family and friends’ kind words… Create an emotional atmosphere to reminisce on the day…then switch it to a final party… one last dance (upbeat) can’t miss favorite song of the night to end on the highest of highs and having your guests wish you would plan parties like this every weekend!

You don’t have to do all of the above to throw a kick-*X# party but if you want to do more than just intros, dances, and traditions…add a few to create a different level of memories…and of course be a little “Knot Average.”

~Who’s ready to start the game changing planning?