Friday, April 6, 2018

Color is everything!

What color is your dress?  That’s one of the first questions I ask our brides when we are designing their space.  It’s also important to know what the wedding party is wearing too.  What color are any dresses and suits vs. tuxes.  Bonus points if they have pictures!  These are all of the details that we look at when we are looking at the overall look of the room. 

Pinterest gives great ideas…but those weddings have already happened…and that day has already been created for someone else.  It’s great to use the “free” white/ivory linens with your venue rental but always ask the venue does this cover ALL tables including buffet, gift, cake, dj, cocktail tables, because some venues only offer guest table linens.  Beware of the sizes of the tablecloths most only offer 90”x90” squares which means you’ll see under the tables and the linens do not touch the floor all the way around. 

Why do we push for COLORFUL Linens?  Because if all of your linens, chairs, and china are white… and if your dress is white: YOU just became a rental and you’ll blend in instead of stand out.  Our goal is to make your eyes bounce around the room from one table to another all while allowing you POP! 

One of our favorite parts of planning is walking through a venue, creating the layout and then heading straight over of our linen & rental company to create the vision of your day.  It’s amazing to see where we start and magically how YOUR emerges from all of the choices. 


Just remember, when you are selecting YOUR wedding colors, pick colors that speak to you.  Ask yourself the following questions:

·         What is your favorite color?

·         What is your significate other’s favorite color?

·         Do you have a favorite sports team?

·         Where did you go to college?

·         What season are you getting married in?

·         What time of the day are you getting married?

·         What colors compliment your favorite colors?

·         What is a neutral color you can use to blend textures, patterns and “wow” colors with ?

·         What flowers are you planning on having?

·         Have you thought about your lighting design? (this will affect all linens and floral colors)

Here’s a few fun combinations we’ve been working on…

(huge thanks to Party Reflections)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Planning A Caribbean Getaway?

Planning a Caribbean Getaway to Sandals soon?  You are in for one AMAZING adventure!  Have you booked any off resort excursions with We can assist you with creating an experience to remember!  We also recommend visiting the spa.  The best time is the day you arrive to really release all of the tension from traveling…and if you can do another before you leave that’s a bonus!  A candlelight dinner at sunset on the beach is another amazing must to-do too!  Just ask how to set that up for you during your stay.

What to pack:
    Resort Formal & Casual Wear
 Flip Flops & Sandals
Personal Toiletries
Sunglass & Hat
 Sunblock & Aloe
 Small beach bag

Don’t worry about shampoo, conditioner, body wash or lotion… The Red Lane Spa will be providing you samples of their amazing products in your room.

If it happens to sprinkle or fully liquid sunshine while you’re on property…have no fear… there’s a Sandals umbrella in your room!

Check out under the resorts tab to see what your resort has to offer.  Each resort has amazing restaurants featuring some of the best chefs in the world. Let me know if you have any food/beverage allergies so that we can get you in touch with the head chef to create a customized menu and dining experience for you while you are on property.  Here’s a sample of Antigua’s list of restaurants.  

And a few menus from our favorite places to eat:

Here’s some of my favorite snacks:

The Hummingbird
& Pizza

Purple Rain
w/ Fries

Are you aware of "The Sandals Foundation"?  The Sandals Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International, supports education for those in need through its Adopted Schools Program.  Across the Caribbean, the resort company has undertaken a total of 26 schools in Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, The Bahamas and The Turks & Caicos Islands. From providing teacher training supplies and needed equipment, to assisting with basic maintenance and building upgrades, The Sandals Foundation seeks to bring these schools to a better standard so young minds can flourish.

You can bring a few school supplies down in your suitcase and leave them with your butler, concierge and/or lobby receptionist.

You’re in for one amazing experience.  And if you haven’t booked your upcoming Caribbean Getaway chat with us personally about sending quotes for:

·         Honeymoons

·         Anniversary Trips (some will receive a free night stay)

·         Elopements

·         Destination Weddings

·         Birthday Celebrations

·         Retirement Celebrations

·         Spa Retreats

·         Golf Getaways

·         Family Trips

·         Proposal Trip

·         Just to get away!

Contact us at:


Monday, February 5, 2018

A KYAE Lady in Waiting

Have you ever heard of the term…”lady in waiting?”  You’ve got all the details planned for the day, but do you have someone taking care of you personally?  A KYAE Lady in Waiting would be your personal assistant for the day.  They would arrive whenever you begin your hair and make-up to assist you in unloading your vehicle.  Our LiW KYAE staff member will greet you with your favorite Starbucks beverage to start your day off right!

After attending several conferences this winter and speaking with other planners we are now going to be adding this service to our guest experience.  This person truly assists you all day so that your event manager can focus on handling all of the vendors and the design aspects of your wedding.  (Plus you never have to wait for someone to go find the planner/coordinator.)

They will coordinate the arrival of any lunch/snacks with your family, friends or vendors to whom you’ve contracted to bring any deliveries during the day. 

They will make sure your make-up artist and hair stylist teams remain on schedule to insure you and your wedding party are ready for pre-ceremony photos. 

They will set up any detail shots with the photographer and videographer of you dress, shoes, veil, and other personal items. 

They will then assist you in dressing area as needed.

They will be with you during all pre-ceremony photos keeping a list and check on making sure all of your shots are captured.

They will place you in hiding prior to ceremony or travel with you as needed making sure to avoid as many family/friends prior to the ceremony to all you to pray, be with your parents and wedding party only or make a quick dash to the restroom.

They will assist in carrying your veil and train as you make your way to the entrance of the ceremony location to avoid it from being dragged on the ground.

After the ceremony they will remain with you throughout formal photos making sure to hold on to your lip gloss and beverage of choice (our KYAE is known for bringing snacks and drinks to the wedding party after the ceremony).

Your LiW will assist you with any restroom breaks throughout the evening and will also assist in bustling your dress prior to your reception entrance.

Our KYAE team will be bringing you any meals that are not pre-plated by the catering staff…this way you can spend more time with family and friends.  Your LiW will also work with the catering team to pack up some late night snacks (should you provide Tupperware containers).
The best part is you can give your LiW your cell phone during the day to capture the day for you.  She could take a few photos and videos for you to see  & post while on your honeymoon.

Your LiW will remain close by throughout the reception,
should you need a lip gloss touch up or request for something from your bridal suite.

She will also slip your garter on right before the garter toss without anyone even realizing it was missing.

As the evening comes to an end she will ensure to gather your toasting flutes & cake serving set.  Washing them prior to being packed away.  She will make sure your parents receive your bridal bouquet (if you haven’t thrown it away).

She will assist in any change of dress for your exit or throughout the evening. This way your event manager can be present with the vendors and guests at all times.

Since your LiW has been with you all day, she will know which items will need to be gathered and packed for the getaway car and which items will be heading with friends and family. 

Our KYAE will have already gathered any luggage and personal items that may need to be moved to your limo or ground transportation for your getaway but your LiW will be in charge of your purse and phone.

The last duty of your Lady in Waiting is she will clean the bridal suite and make sure no items were left behind. 

I bet you never realized how much you NEEDED a “Lady in Waiting”?  Again our goal is to create a full guest experience for each of your wedding party members, your parents, friends, family and especially YOU!  Allow us to be that quiet whisper behind the scenes just for you.  Reach out to us today to learn how you can add these services to your already amazing day!

(Photo Cred: Leah Marie Photography)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's in a Budget?

With this time of year...comes lots of planning and trying to keep their costs down.  We're a FRIM believer every couple should have a wedding planner and a beautiful day... but a lot of what we do is educate couples in the reality of planning a wedding and all that goes into the production of creating a memory in time... #whatkindofmemorydoyouwant

Here's a sample budget (only a sample) we truly understand MAJORITY of these vendors COST MORE than this is quoted
  • depending on quality of service
  • items included in package/service
  • How long will they be there that day
  • How customized they are
  • How professional they are
  • Education/certification of vendor
  • Length in business, number of weddings they completed, level of experience
  • Level of services 
  • What day of the week
... but we are hoping this puts things in perspective because lots of couples THINK they can have a wedding for 150 people for $5,000....and the truth is most events take 10 (or more vendors) and if each vendor averages $1,000 (most cost more...and the more experience/educated the more they consider quality of their services)....

Simplistic Elegance

$1500 -Rental of Venue (usually Sun-Fri; not a Saturday)

$225- Additional Rentals (usually more if venue doesn't include anything)

$1399-Event Coordination & 2 staff (special rate for Sun/Weekday)
$700- Additional Staff including catering staff

$1760- Food & Beverage $22.00 x 80guests (appetizers, salad, meal & tea/water

$1000- Candles & Simplistic Flower Budget (including wedding party, centerpieces)

$350- Deliveries & Set ups (rentals, flowers, etc)

$1500-Photography (most likely disc of images only)

$900- DJ (for two sound systems)

$200-Cupcakes (do you want a cutting cake)

$250- Donating to your Church Officiate (or we do have one within this average)

$200-Print-, invitations, stamps (most likely doing yourself online for this price)

$1500- Other: linens, china/place settings/ glassware, unity ceremony items, gifts for wedding party and family members, toasting flutes, serving set, flower girl basket, ring bear pillow, memory table items, restroom baskets, tipping vendors

*doesn't include alcohol, videographer, up lighting, attire, rings or honeymoon, transportation

Total: $11,484     Number of Guests: 80

Cost: $143 per person

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why must coordinators cost so much?

Tis the season for vendors and planners to receive inquires on a daily bases… and boy do we love this time of year!  Everything is new and fresh!  Plus we get to take what we learned from last year’s events and educational conferences and start embracing new ideas into our companies and our couples’ special day.  However, a lot of what planners do is educated others as to the WHY we charge what we charge. 

I tell people all the time a marriage costs $60.00 but weddings are an EXPERIENCE and how big of a memory do you want to create?  Remember this will be the ONLY time you have those guests in ONE room alive all together.  You don't get a do over of this day, so why would you want an amateur handling one of the biggest days of your life... or why would you want your Mom or wedding party missing something because they were setting up or behind the scenes trying to work out an issue.  Weddings cost more than $60; most cost on average $165 per person attending the wedding and to create an experience you need a team!  Every great team has a great leader to guide everyone and make sure everyone is playing by the same rules. 

That’s what brings us to our newest question on our website:

How many hours does it typically take a professional to plan a wedding from start to finish (including travel, meetings, communication, planning, and day of event):

Month of Planning with Day of Event Management: 35+/- hours involved (because there is NO such thing as a day of coordinator)
Partial Planning Services including Day of Event Management: 70+/- hours involved
Full Service Planning including Day of Event Management: 313+/- hours involved

So take that number they are “charging” and divide it by the number of hours they are giving you =____ ? 

That’s not including the blood, sweat and tears it took to get to that point they were confident enough to plan events for someone else. That’s not including the liability they take on each and every event. That’s not including all of the research and networking they’ve done to create the partnerships and learning about all of the possibilities to create the best chemistry and magic on your special day to create a memory in time. That does not include all of the education they’ve taken on to be prepared for you special day for when situations arise; they’ll know how to handle them. That doesn’t include all of the associations, organizations and conferences they are a part of or attend to keep up with the trends and latest ideas. That doesn’t include the extras they are probably “throwing in” without you even knowing they’ve been working on the backend of your event late at night and early in the morning. Not to mention all of those meetings lead up to them missing most weekends with their families to create memories for your family.

And ask yourself do you value their services?  Many times I have received phone calls asking for us to plan and coordinate their entire wedding for $400-$500 (or even less). I promise experienced planners and vendors are just wanting to be respected and valued for their level of expertise.  Yes everyone deserves a beautiful wedding on the budget they can afford but that’s also why not every vendor is for every couple.  The best part is most of the seasoned vets in the industry know great vendors up & coming people that may be more affordable for the particular service you’re looking for.  Also most seasoned vendors offer hourly consultations to gain knowledge even if you can’t afford them for the full day. 

Speaking for the planners/coordinators out there… a chunk of every wedding budget
should be for a planner…remember they typically know EVERYONE!  They can work out a budget for your vision (within reason) and usually find you deals you may never knew existed…so start with a planner!  You don’t want to spend all of this money on a beautiful day for it to come apart at the seams because you didn’t have a professional “go-to” onsite all weekend from rehearsal to honeymoon…

It’s a Production… you probably wouldn’t enjoy a meal at a restaurant without a chef, or enjoy a movie without a director…much less a symphony without a conductor… so WHY wouldn’t you have someone guiding your planning along the entire process? The BEST Athletes have someone “coaching” them from DAY ONE!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

a few Things I've Learned during my internship

Over the course of this internship I have learned a lot about this industry and what it takes to be a successful business owner and wedding coordinator. The staff at Knot Your Average Events have  been great with not only answering my questions, but also guiding me by demonstrating various tasks that are important to know in this industry. Many people think this is all fun and games, while it definitely is fun, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure an event runs smoothly!

1. Something will Go Wrong!

No matter how many precautions you take or how much you plan, sometimes things won't always go as planned. It is all in how you handle the situation that will determine the outcome of your event. It's important to assess the situation and then take the necessary steps to correct the issue.
Image result for oh no gif
Photo: Google

2. Have An Emergency Kit
This will help when things do go off-course! having an emergency kit, or several, will allow you to be more prepared in case something does happen. Weddings, and events in general, are organized chaos and things do happen, but if you your handy dandy kit, you'll feel less stressed and more equipped to handle any situation!

3. Always Ask The Venue If Outside Caterers Are Allowed.
Sometimes venues have partnered with specific caterers, no kitchen or have an onsite caterer that they use, so it's important to ask that way you'll know what your next move should be.

4. Always bring a change of clothes!  You never know what will happen!  Always have several comfortable pairs of shoes to change throughout the day.

5. Wedding and Event days are LONG!!! Pack snacks, lots of beverages and get plenty of rest the day before!

6.  Make sure to stay FOCUSED!  As staff we are there to ensure the guest's experience so we need to be "PRESENT" at all times... not hiding in the back, playing on our phone or talking amongst our other co-workers.  Someone is always watching you so always be positive and be ready to assist when needed

7. Listen to what your client's needs and wants are... and be patient when they change a million times (LOL)

8. Get to know your vendors.  These are people you will most likely work with over and over again so take the time to learn their names, who they are and what they offer.  Referrals are the key to success in the event industry!  It's all WHO you KNOW!

9. Be prepared!  Arrive EARLY and be prepared to stay LATE.

10. HAVE FUN!!! This is probably the most important thing of all.. if you are having fun you know the guests and your clients are too!  SMILES ARE Contagious!

Written by Raven our Summer Intern~

Raven: Final Farewell

20170730_181349_Film1.jpgIt’s the final hour for a grand wedding at the Grandover. This also means this is the final hour for my time as an intern with KYAE. A bittersweet moment as I look back on all that has transpired this past summer. There have been so many opportunities, memories made, laughter shared, and knowledge gained. I told Blair today as I chuckled at her sense of humor that I was going to miss her. I feel as if I have established a bond with KYAE beyond a student-teacher relationship.

Furthermore, my experience with KYAE has advanced me professionally and personally.
I  learned technical skills such as moving tables properly, setting a table,
cutting flowers, packing equipment, and
using social media. However, the most
20170729_201348_Film1.jpgimportant lesson I have learned with KYAE is to believe in myself. Nothing else
would be possible if I lacked that quality.  A person can have all the knowledge,
experience, and skills they may like to have; but they’re useless if that
person limits their power to excel in them. Through this experience I came to
the realization that I didn’t believe in myself. That sounds harsh but it’s
true. Our biggest enemy can be ourselves. There would be times when I failed to
complete a task because internally I told myself “ I’m tired, I’ll do it later”
or “I don’t think I can do that”. I put these limitations on myself but I have
the power to do otherwise. KYAE has taught me to believe in myself and do great
things by enforcing my professional responsibility. If I don’t do my part then
my team fails. I have a responsibility to make sure my team is winning. This
mindset of believing will take me and every believer to infinite lengths. I am
forever grateful for KYAE and i can’t wait to pass my experiences on to the
next up and coming professional

They are my family; and
from this point on I will be at the crab boil every year!
Love Always~ Raven

Raven~ We are sooooo proud of the coordinator you are becoming! BEST WISHES!! We will see you next year! (And hopefully at the Annual Christmas Party with Santa too!)