Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Sweet Leigh

I can remember the very first time meeting this Southern Bell Planner who little did I know would eventually “ROCK” my world upside down.  See I was site managing a venue in Mebane and she was their planner.  Her style was something new I’d never seen before out there, and I was intrigued.  We instantly hit it off.  She’d always share the story a little differently as remembering me flapping in the wind as I closed the flaps of their tent as “hurricane” force winds blew in… (really it wasn’t that bad) but I may have dangled from the ladder a few times lacing the panels up…LOL!  I can still see the menu cards on the table of peach/coral and mint green color scheme with woven burlap… YES Burlap!  Back in the day Leigh really knew how to enhance burlap and boots and take it to an elegant level.

I can even remember having lunch with her and having her slip her boots on for meetings afterwards if they were out at barn or farm… little did they know she really was more “Grits & Grace” than “Boots & Burlap.”  She’d eventually retire those boots and fully showcase her inner “Charleston Roots.”  She truly was our Southern Bell who loved her sweet tea & pimento cheese anything! 

She graduated about 7 years after me at UNCG, and although she was younger…she
was far beyond her years in wisdom.  She inspired so many throughout the wedding community.  I always asked her to come and speak to my class at UNCG because she showed that you COULD succeed after graduating… she’d always share her story how she worked several part-time jobs while starting her business and then finally got to where she could work less and less.  “Leigh, I hear you in my ear RIGHT NOW! I’m focusing more and more on our company and working less and less with my part-time gigs.”  She always pushed me to go solo and only do my company.  She always told me I should charge what I’m worth and never settle for less.  She’d always say to JUST BE YOU and YOUR clients will hire you because of YOU.  And she’s never been more right.  The more I showcase our designs, our style and our personalities…the more couples LOVE US!  I can also hear her in my ear every time I post: Give credit to every vendor in that photo!  And we’d have long debates about inspiration photos off of Pinterest vs creating a style shoot that’s all your idea… And I’d do anything to have one of those debates RIGHT NOW!!! Don’t worry Leigh, all the photos in this post were taken with my crappy camera phone lol! 

This past Saturday morning, my day was rocked after receiving news that one of my friends and mentors had passed.  Like many, I quickly questioned the information, Googled, searched, called and emailed to verify…. I went through every emotion I could…shock, questioning, and then numb for most of the day.  How could someone so incredible be taken so soon when she had so much left to do…. But then again Leigh did more in the few short years she was on this Earth than most do in a lifetime.  She enriched so many lives, impacted the wedding and event industry to strive and be better through networking, not to mention the numerous memories she created for couples, families and friendors.  I can remember grabbing dinner one night last year after speaking to my class and how much she would push me to inspire others.  So Leigh, I’m gonna do just that! 

This is the part that gets difficult and hard… How do you say goodbye to someone that has impacted your life so much and in so many ways?

You DON’T!  I refuse to actually.  Instead, I’m telling myself she WON the BIGGEST client… GOD just needed a kickass Party Planner up in Heaven… so Leigh, hold my RSVP, I’ve got to go out and do as you told me too  and inspire others a little more!  I’m going to do my best to be at your service… but honestly I don’t know how to say goodbye to someone who forever changed me, inspired me and encouraged me to be the best version of me.  So I may only make it the parking lot but know you are forever in my heart.  May tea be a little sweeter up there and may peonies forever be in season…and when the sweet tea ain’t hitting it…. May they have slushy bubbly easily accessible!  

I would love to ask friends, family and friendors to donate their love and support to:

The world will forever be changed since you embraced our presence…even if it was short lived!  See you soon my sweet friend.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brunch Please!

This wedding was a change in pace for our staff as it was slightly more traditional than previous weddings. The ceremony was held in a gorgeous Catholic church. The exterior of the church was so beautiful and provided the bride and groom with a great background for their photographs. The weather was gorgeous and because the ceremony was in the morning, it wasn’t too hot outside. The bride made her grand entrance into the church and was escorted by her brother. 

The reception was held at the Weir-Jordan House, where guests were greeted with appetizers, tea and lemonade. There were games to occupy their time while Stephanie, Matthew and their bridal party took photos after the ceremony.

Photo: KYAE Facebook

Photo: KYAE Facebook

It was a little tricky setting the room to the floor plan because their were two poles in the room and a piano, but our team made it work. We managed to set 7 tables, a DJ booth and a gift table in the room and still had space for guests to dance and mingle with one another. We placed pictures and other decor on the piano and created a space for the couples' memories. During the reception, guests were served brunch! Guests were treated to fruit, quiches, veggies and cornbread! 

Photot: KYAE Facebook

Photo: KYAE Facebook 

Photo: KYAE Facebook

Stephanie and Matthew were such a great couple to work with. They were very easy going and really enjoyed their special day. We were so grateful to be apart of their wedding and have the honor to celebrate with them. 
(photos by KYAE (left) Ross Photography (right))
Thank you to all our wonderful vendors that helped make this day special for Stephanie and Matthew:

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Grace
Reception Venue: Weir-Jordan House
Flowers/Centerpeices: ABBA Designs
Cake: Delicious
Minister: Father Kowalski
Limo Service: A Formal Affair
Photographer: Ross Photography
Party Favors: Loco For Coco
Programs: DIY
Hair & Make-Up: Instinct Salon

Until Next Time,
Intern Q J

Monday, July 31, 2017

Fun Honeymoon Activities

Most resorts and hotels have packages that allow couples to choose from a variety of activities and excursions while on their honeymoon. This is the perfect for the new couple to be adventurous and explore together!

Couples Massages


 If you're not into exploring, there's always room for relaxing! What better to way to enjoy your newlywed status than relaxing together. There is usually a spa package specifically made for couples. Imagine getting an intimate massage for two while looking out at the ocean!

Swimming with Dolphins

For the animal lovers, why not take a dip with dolphins! You’ll get to connect with nature and spend quality time with your new spouse! 

Luminous Lagoon in glowing waters in Jamaica

Food/Wine Tasting

For my foodies, wine and food tastings are the current trend, so finding a great place to experience new and exciting food and drink won’t be an issue!

Whatever you and your new mate choose to do, remember that the honeymoon should reflect who you are as a couple. The honeymoon is a chance to celebrate tying the knot and sharing those experiences with person who said I do! Be sure that when you’re booking a stay at a resort or hotel that you ask questions specific to honeymoons. Ask if there are any complimentary add-ons to the packages they provide. Also, don’t forget that Knot Your Average Events is a certified Sandals specialist and we would love to assist you with any of your honeymoon needs. I hope this has provided you and your honey with s few ideas and answered the dreaded what-to-do question!

Until Next Time,

Intern Q 😊

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tents and Pies... Oh My!

We were lucky to help Kennedy and Carl celebrate their wedding on a family farm! It was a great venue and they were an amazing couple. The first thing everyone noticed about this wedding was the tent! When having an outdoor wedding, it is always best to have multiple tents, especially if you’re having a summer wedding in North Carolina! We had a tent for the reception area and another tent for the cocktail/dessert area. 

The day of the rehearsal, it rained so we had to re-arrange the tables and chairs to ensure that none of the guests would get wet during the dinner. Our fearless leader Jenn, was able to do a quick walk-through of the ceremony before the down pour began! Luckily the day of the wedding, the weather cooperated and we had sun-filled skies.

The ceremony was lovely.
The ceremony was gorgeous, Kennedy arrived in style in classic car and joined her soon-to-be-husband at the altar. The theme of their wedding was very natural and earthy. Their cake was made to look like stacked logs sprinkled with flowers. Even the centerpieces were earthy and floral! The guests threw lavender as the newly wed exited the ceremony. 

Mini buckets filled with lavender.

Kennedy arrived in style!
Not only did they provide a cake for the reception, but they also had pies, pies and more pies for guests to take home! Kennedy and Carl danced the night away along with their friends and family. This couple and their family were great to work with and we wish them all the best on their new journey as husband and wife!


Thank you to all our wonderful vendors, that helped make this day special for Kennedy and Carl:
Florist: Flowers By Gary
Restroom Rental: TCS Event Rentals
Catering: Western Steakhouse
Planner/Coordinator: Knot Your Average Events
Dessert: Whole Foods
Minister: Brooks Graebner with Saint Matthews Episcopal Church
Live Musicians: Corda Entertainment
Transportation: Brad's Golf Carts
Invitations/Programs: Juliepatoolie's

Hair & Make-Up: Sarah Davis

Until Next Time, 
Intern Q 😊

Friday, July 7, 2017

Ice Cream for everyone!

The venue for Lindsey and Brad's wedding was gorgeous. It provided a house for the bridal party to get dressed, a separate area for the groom and his crew to hang out, a ceremony space and a separate area for the reception.  There are horses on the property and they are so majestic, I really enjoyed watching them run around their enclosure during the reception. 

The weather was amazing the skies were clear and sunny throughout the ceremony and reception. The ceremony was held in an area that was closest to the house where the bridal party was getting ready. It's a covered space that provides a lot of shade during the ceremony.


After the ceremony, the party moved to the reception area, which was in walking distance. There the guests enjoyed cocktail hour followed by dinner provided by Western Steakhouse, one of our favorite vendors! After dinner it was time to party, the DJ was great, he did a great job with getting the crowd onto the dance floor.

The decor at this wedding was very elegant and they even had a secluded area for guests that smoked! 

Instead of cutting a cake, Lindsey and Brad had ice cream!! What could be better than ColdStone Ice Cream on a summer day?! Ice cream with caramel and chocolate toppings of course! Guests were treated to Cold Stone Ice Cream and they were able to create their own sundae with a variety of toppings.

My favorite part of the wedding was their "guest book". It was so unique and different. They had mini hearts for guests to sign and then drop into their photo frame. Such an awesome way to remember your special day!


Thank you Lindsey and Brad for allowing us to participate in your special day, you are an amazing couple and we wish you nothing, but the best!

Until Next Time,
Intern Q 😊
Venue: The Lily Pad
Florist: Flowers by Gary
Ice Cream: Coldstone Creamery
Minister: Police Chaplain
Planner/Coordinator: Knot Your Average Events
Photographer: Megan Teague
Party Favors- Custom Chip Clips: AL Van
Invitations: DIY
Hair: Tiffany Shaw
Make-Up: Ansley Hicks

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cupcakes and Breakfast!

Cupcakes and Breakfast!

I know we say this a lot, but we really do have amazing couples! This wedding was at one of our favorite venues, Starlight Meadow. The staff at Starlight Meadow is always fabulous and always makes sure our guests have a fun and memorable evening. The weather was perfect and our bride was gorgeous! Caitlyn was the ultimate DIY bride, she made a lot of the decorations for her wedding including the “B” the hung above the barn! They had multiple party favors including customized M&M’s in the colors of their wedding and handmade wooden cross for their guests. Caitlyn was very creative with the designs and wanted to include lanterns into her decor. So we hung a mix of paper lanterns and burlap balls throughout the banquet area. 

 Caitlyn and Matthew chose to do a unity ceremony, which symbolizes the joining together of two lives and becoming one. Their faith is major part of their relationship so they chose to assemble a unity cross. It was such a beautiful part of the wedding and we're so glad we were able to be apart of their experience. We decorated the table with some lace and tablecloths to give it an elegant look.

For dinner, we had breakfast! There were biscuits with a variety of jams to choose from, eggs, bacon, and country ham on the menu. For dessert, there were cupcakes! Caitlyn amd Matthew had 4 different flavors of cupcakes for their guests to enjoy and they were delicious! 

We sent our couple off in style, with glow sticks and a newly decorated car (Courtesy of the bridal party)! Once again, we want to congratulate Caitlyn and Matthew and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Until Next Time,
Intern Q 😊

Creative Partners:

Starlight Meadow
Wedding Party Flowers: Roxie’s
Centerpieces: DIY

Above & Beyond Catering
Southern Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
Minister: Father of the Groom

Holt Productions
Planner/Coordinator: Knot Your Average Events
Knot Your Average Events
Photographer: Partin Shots
Partin Shots
Hair & Make-Up- I-Salon

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Letters Creating Memories

We’ve had some really great inspirations when it comes to “themes” for weddings.  Our 2016September 10th couple loved playing board games and Scrabble happen to be their favorite.  So why not have that as a theme for your wedding.  This bride’s eye for detail and clever ways to incorporate the Scrabble idea amazed us!  Sometimes with “themes” it can get cheesy super fast in a blink of an eye so being creative has to come with limitations. 

Some of our personal favorites were the small tiles in the boutonnieres, larger letters  used for table numbers for escort cards, customized cupcake holders in the shape of the letter holders from the game, mini game boards showing food buffet items and tiles spelling our bar menu and dessert flavors.  Here’s a few photos of these little details that made a huge impact…

However, our very favorite highlight of the day and night were the creative gifts our couple presented to us…including scrabble cheese-its, our favorite snacks and a traveling scrabble game…our staff had a blast playing with it once we returned to the office that night!


Western Steakhouse

Flowers by Gary-(live)

Simply Cakes

Dream Builder Productions

With Love and Petals(Etsy Shop)- paper flowers
Anything Music

Ruby Lane Photography

Alamance Party Rentals

Personal Weddings- Minister

Shan and Nathan Wang- Live Musicians (friends kids *amazing touch)

Flashbacks by Red- Photo booth

Tidbit Designs (Etsy)- Programs & Invitations

Dolce Vita Salon LLC

Clinique @ Dillards in Triangle Town Center

Knot Your Average Events