Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stephanie & Taylor "4th of July" Wedding

On July 3, 2016, Stephanie and Taylor wed on a what seemed would be a rainy day. But  to our pleasant surprise, the rain held out all day and allowed for the sun to stay hidden just long enough for it to be a lovely, cool day.

The wedding was American themed since July 4th was right around the corner, and Taylor, is in the military. All in all, the theme of the wedding hit close to everyone's hearts and was one they will always remember. The flowers were red and white that played right off of the red, white, and blue accents and decorations.

One of the staples of the reception was the signature potato bar and ice cram bar. This allowed for guests to create food to their liking and satisfaction while also creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

To show the groom and groomsmen's sense of humor, they all wore superhero t-shirts underneath their tuxedos to take pictures in after the wedding. This moment stood out, because while a wedding is a serious moment it is also a time where you should have fun and show that you can still be playful and lively with friends in family throughout life.

The joy between the bride and groom was contagious throughout the whole wedding, and the love they share was so vibrant and clear from the reading of their vows in the ceremony to their last dance at the end of the night. In conclusion, this USA/ military themed wedding was a love-inspiring and glorious day for everyone. 

~God bless America, and God bless our military. Thank you for all that you do~

Flowers: AbbaDesign
Caterer/ Cake/China/Linens/ Centerpieces: Rosa Mae’s
DJ: Eastern Carolina DJ
Transportation: The Peoples Limo
Photographer: Shavon Via Photography
Videographer: OneLove Productions
Programs/Invitations: Cornhusker Bridal and Beverage

Hair & Make-up:  Urban Chic Studio
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Knot Your Average Events

Monday, July 25, 2016

Princess Brides Wedding

Twas a day to remember! The setup of the wedding was just like a scene right out of the movie, Princess Brides. From the decorations, photo booth, and cake, all the way to the outfits of the brides- it was a picture perfect princess brides wedding. The two brides were nothing but joyful and ecstatic for the their day to finally come! As they wished, it was a day they will surely never forget.

The ceremony was such a once in a lifetime moment for the brides to get to share with their friends and family. To be able to unite legally in North Carolina was a dream come true for them and from the looks of it, the ceremony did not leave a single person dry-eyed. The amount of love and passion between the two was shown all throughout their vows emotions while reading them to one another. Seeing the joy and happiness on the brides' face filled the room with such excitement and celebration for the pair.

With the photo booth, there was a Polaroid camera for every guest to take a picture and put it in the brides' photo book as memories for them to look back on.

From then on, everyone danced the Sunday afternoon away like it was a Saturday night. The music made everyone get up on their feet and dance for hours. Even the soul train line got everyone in the room dancing and celebrating with one another. What a glorious day for two amazing people to share with their loved ones! It was such an honor to be apart of their special day and make the Princess Brides' dreams come true. 

~As they wished, they lived happily ever after~

Venue: Rigmor House
Flowers/Place settings/Linens: Flowers by Gary
Lighting: Dream Builders Productions
Chocolate: Theo Chocolate
Photographer: FireRose Photography
Custom Woodwork: Birdco Woodworks
Menus & Bar Signs: ABBA Design
Wedding Planner: Knot Your Average Events

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

50th Wedding Anniversary

We do more than just weddings.  But this event really warms our heart because it's a 50th wedding anniversary and when I tell you the couple was so adorable! Love can stand the test of time! I love events like this because the goal in these moments is to bring them back to that fateful day that they vowed to love and honor each other for life! I want to congratulation them on 50 years and I hope they call us out to help with the next family milestone!

The family and all of their friends were so interactive. We love these style events because we get to interact with the guests even more than a traditional wedding. You get to hear all of the stories and they leave you with little tokens of knowledge that you wouldn't get on a daily bases. They were so easy going and that made us want to give them the best day possible. 
Each guest that showed up had a different story about what they remember about this wedding 50 years ago. We felt as if we were there 50 years ago by the end of the night! Being one of the interns, one of my goals this summer was to learn more about the decorations and flowers.  I was given the task to set up the pictures from over the years! When you have 50 years of memories it’s hard to fit them all in one room says an ordinary person. But not us we say you bring it and we will make it work for you! 
The couple never stop smiling and talking with their guest. Nor did I see them sit for very long! I suppose it was because some people came from other states just to be there for this special occasion! I know it made our couples day to see them. So in a way they were celebrating 50 years and having a reunion with old friends/family members.  
Here's to another 50 years~
Event held at: Longs Chapel Christian Church
2364 N NC HWY 49 Burlington NC 27217
Flowers & Centerpieces: Custom Floral Creations
Linens: Southern Event Rentals
Catering Company, Beverages, Plasticware, Catering staffing: Culinary Visions Catering
Desserts: cake & cupcakes: Main Street Cake Shoppe
Music: PA provided by Church
Photographer: York Studios
Coordinator: Knot Your Average Events

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Barn Wedding in the Triad

What a wedding are the first thoughts that come to mind. I loved this venue it was so beautiful. It was a great selection for the couple. It represented them extremely well. I got to see it all come to life the vision that they wanted came to life. They turned a barn into a ballroom. From light fixtures to simple touches of a very rustic elegant look and feel. As we entered the ceremony time there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sunshine just made the waterfall in the background look so perfect! 
Love was something I am very big on so it draws my attention when someone else just loves the word love. It is so powerful and on a day like this it means so much more. When they say I do the word love becomes even more meaningful then before. The ladder they used in my eyes represented the steps they took to reach the peak of their love. Its a process indeed but they tackled it together! 
I want to thank the bride and groom for letting me share in the magic of their beautiful day! From this day forward continue to do all things with love. Just like all the love you put into this very special day. I loved working with you and your family! Seeing them all smiling, dancing, and happy made me happy. Your idea for your send off was awesome! 

May your love continue to glow for years and years to come! Good luck to you both! Enjoy each other! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Grand Grandover Event May 2016

 All in all it was the simplicity of her day that made it special for me! She didn't need super fancy she just wanted a good celebration for her family and friends. The design were so beautiful and you can tell that she really appreciates beautiful structure. She let the venue speak for itself. Grandover is so beautiful! The upkeep of the venue is superb. With her added design made the room come to life. It looked like something out of a magazine and I was just happy to be apart of it all.

I was worried about the rain for her but we were prepared with a back up plan if it were to happen. Thank god that it didn't and she had her dream ceremony. A cute concept that they decided to do as a couple is include their dog. The dog was adorable and promptly walked down the isle when it was time. Attached to the collar were beads to show the unity of their family. Super cute and something I would do if I had a pet baby in my family as well. 
I love the bride and her family they were fun and very entertaining all day and night long! I hope they have a amazing future together! I look forward to more family functions with them. Once you attend a special moment in someones life you feel more like family then just a planner. That the magic you get a chance to feel in all the events big or small. So thank you to the bride and groom for allowing me a glimpse into their future. May it be bright! No matter rain or shine!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Solstice

What an EVENT! Those are the first words that came to my mind! As I walked around you saw a variety of different vendors and sponsors there to support this fairies experience! A lot of people showed up to this event. This was my first year going and I honestly loved it! Everyone seemed so free and happy! It’s an event for anyone! Bring your kids, pets, family, friends, and/or a date All are welcome!!

A lot of people are probably thinking why would a wedding planner come to a festival?! Well we are Knot Your Average Events for a reason! We can target those brides that feel like they have to create their perfect wedding day on their own because no one is going to get their unique alternative vision. So we have the opportunity to help that bride! Also with it being a family friendly event we will be able to sell the other services we offer as well. Family fun day, celebration of life, baby showers, etc.

So how do we attract these patrons to our booth you may ask yourself. Well with none other than that good ole KYAE magic! We made the themed something we know the best aka a party! We try to be as green as possible so an event that we did in the past helped us create a party booth. It stood out in the crowd which attracted people to see what we were all about!

We had people stop by and check us out! We handed out a lot of business cards! Which if the patrons don't need them, they can pass them on to friends who may need us for future event services! It was a great event and we hope that we got KYAE some new clients with a knot so average wedding day!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Up" inspired wedding


Jennifer & Connor wedding was a dream and I was so happy to be there to witness the magic for myself. I feel like the starlight meadow was the perfect place for them to get married! The family was so sweet and they truly made you feel like you were part of the family. They always said hello when they passed through. They cared about our staff and while we were trying to make their day special they made are equally special. Leaving snack and drinks for us. We were so appreciative that they would think of us on a day dedicated to the merging of their families. For that we truly thank you!

I loved the theme of their wedding. The movie Up! How adorable is that right?! They gave us their idea and we hit the ground running with it! There were lanterns that they wanted hung all over. The KYAE team came up with a solution that would go with the theme perfectly. We hung the lanterns on the poles running across the ceiling of the barn. It made it look as those balloons were floating in the ceiling carrying the barn Up! When the bride saw it, her reaction was priceless! It left me with a warm feeling inside for we had just made her dream a reality!  

Every personal touch was in place and it was time for guest to arrive. Everyone naturally gravitated to the ceremony and reception area. However once we change placement I was able to direct them over to the guestbook. Which was a great complement to their theme overall. You placed a finger on a color on the paint wheel and then place in on a string that was attached to a house. Then you sign your name in your finger print. It was a awesome idea! These pages will then be places in a scrapbook full of memories of both bride and groom! What a creative idea, and very meaningful! 

As I floated around checking on guest I got to watch the family smiling, laughing, just having the time of their lives. As a future planner that's what you want to see, a dream come to life for this bride! Their send off reflected their personality well, they are both filled with humor and energy! Some would say bubbly like the bubbles and wands the guest used as part of the send off!       

I want to personally thank the family for letting us take part in their beautiful wedding day! May you have a wonderful and happy marriage! Enjoy your honeymoon! Team White Rice for LIFE!!!