Monday, February 29, 2016

So what's the next step part I

Greetings from Knot Your Average Events! Congrats on the recent engagement! Savor the moments and don’t forget to take time for the two of you.  Although everyone else will pressure you with 101 questions…when’s the date, where’s the wedding, or what kind of reception are you having? You don’t have to plan it all tomorrow! Enjoy these early weeks with all the possibilities!  Go take a mini-engagement session w/ a photographer to capture this glow that you can’t explain.   Throughout this week we will be hand delivering a great step-by-step guide of what to do'll have to follow all week to catch all the details!
The next steps:

·         Talk about your budget (this will help you set boundaries and guidelines).  You may want to do a little research while doing this.  What do things cost in your area?  Who is helping to pay for this wedding? Are you helping pay for the wedding?  Are you going to create a separate bank account for the wedding to keep personal and wedding separate?  Will you be getting wedding credit card or wedding loan?  Finances is one of the most difficult areas to talk about

Create your guest list (send me your email and I would be happy to send you an awesome guide for this).  Talk to all parents and have them create your lists, add your lists and really think do you want an intimate affair or an all-out party including your 5th grade teacher.

·         Figure out what kind of ceremony & reception you both want (the style will assist you both in looking at venues and d├ęcor later).  Look at a few magazines or social media to get ideas of what you like and don’t like.  Create lists of do’s and don’ts for your big day. 

·         Figure out what time of year you want to get married (unless it’s an anniversary allow the
     venue to pick your wedding date).  Keep in mind
     of holidays, graduations, sporting events, family vacations, what flowers are in season, weather, sunset time, do you want outdoors or if you want to save money by getting married on a weekday
     or Sunday.

Here's a great blog we did a few weeks ago for another event... things to think about when you're just getting started

Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's so hard to say goodbye (to vendors)

We completely understand couples have to research prior to officially planning their special day.  I know we personally encourage researching 10 venues, get information from at least 5 and tour at least 3 venues.  However, with all other vendors we suggest researching 5, get information from at least 3 and meet with two before narrowing it down to “the one” vendor to complete that service.  Now with some categories you may have to research more which means there may be more that you no longer need their information.  Today’s blog is all about letting vendors know you no longer need their services and that you have made your decision to go a different direction.

It’s late at night, you’re checking all the wedding websites to learn about local vendors and venues.  You’re cruising from one site to another, requesting information to learn more…by the end of the night you can have a ton of inquiries out there waiting on responses the next morning.  But what do you expect to do with all of that information once it comes in?  Some you will immediately know it’s not for you, some you’ll hold on just to wait and see what else is out there and then some you may be ready to book or meet with that day.  From a vendor’s view point, we love getting those inquiries, but what we really love are responses that you received the information. 

Are you planning on attending a wedding show?  That’s great because you will get to
meet LOTS of vendors/venues in one day in person.  The downsize is you will get to meet LOTS of vendors/venues in one day in person and that can be very overwhelming.  That amount of information overload can make you want to throw that entire bag of information in the trash and start over from scratch because unless you go to wedding show with a plan/goal you are most likely filling out every form and collecting information from every vendor.  When attending a wedding show have a checklist (create forms) to ask certain vendors questions to compare one another to each other.  Create labels to use to fill out vendor inquiries (name, wedding email address, phone number and date).  Have stickers to put on brochures/cards of vendors you really want to talk to that week to follow up with.  Have two bags: 1) just collecting information (did/did not fill out their inquiry) and 2) vendors that really sparked your interest and that you may need their services. 

So after you’ve done your researched and attended multiple wedding shows and/or open houses, met your potential vendors, and booked all of those services you know you are going to be going with.  Please take the time to respond to those that you’ve reached out to and let them know you decided you’ve gone a different direction so those vendors will not continue to call and bug you.  Most vendors will add you to a newsletter or email blast.  Now if you love the information you receive, stay on that newsletter but if you do not want to receive their information most will have an unsubscribe link on those emails to stop receiving them.  Last but not least if that vendor calls to check in, take the call and let them know you appreciate their follow up, but you have chosen a different direction.

This blog is never an easy one to talk about, but as a planner I have several vendors request for me to use my platform to educate couples about letting vendors know they have chosen a vendor in that service.  Trust me they will appreciate your honesty more and will respect you even more by respecting their time too. They don’t want to waste your time with a phone call, voicemail or another email if you no longer need their services.

After the wedding, make sure to keep your wedding email address active for 2-6 months before deleting the account.  Most of your vendors will be requesting for vendor reviews, following up, reaching out to say thanks and if you need to receive product afterwards (albums/videos).  You want to make sure to check that email address at least once every other week following your big day.  Plus it really keeps everything on place at a time. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Man's Best Friend

If you are like me, my puppy is my kid and I want her to be a part of everything.   Are you thinking of adding your “kids” to your wedding party?  Have you thought this all the way through?  Have you asked these few questions:

·         Is our puppy trained?

·         How old will it be during the wedding?

·         Will there be a lot of children at the wedding?

·         Is anyone afraid of dogs at the wedding?

·         Is anyone highly allergic to dogs?

·         Does your venue allow them?

·         Does your dog handle large crowds?

·         Does your dog like strangers and new people?


Depending on your answers, you may want to think about ways to incorporate them without them actually being there.  Have them be a part of your engagement photos or bridal portrait session.  Have photos on them on your memory and/or gift table.  You even have them as part of your decorations or create a groom’s cake theme with them as the centerpiece. 

We’ve done several weddings with dogs and some went really well others went not so great.  Here are some tips to help things go smoother:

·         Have a dog sitter (someone who doesn’t mind missing the wedding and reception).  Have them bring the dog right before the ceremony and leave right after a few photos are taken.

·         Keep the dog in a separate area, away from guests before the ceremony starts to keep them calm.

·         Make sure they use the bathroom before the ceremony starts.

·         Try and have them trained before the big day (simple commands: sit, stay, come, heel, etc.).

·         Practice what the dog will be doing the day of the event (over and over again, try at the venue if possible)

·         If dog is small have a wedding party member hold them during the ceremony.

·         If dog starts barking, whining or making a scene have dog sitter remove from ceremony.

·         Don’t keep dog at reception, it will be eating all food on the ground and whomever is keeping them on your honeymoon will not be your biggest fan after the upset stomach.

·         Ask yourself, if you are okay no longer being the center of attention?  Because all eyes will be on the dog while it is onsite.

Trust me we love our puppy but we don’t want to stress her out.  You’re already going to be gone for a week on your honeymoon.  Don’t stress them out more if not necessary.  Put them first, but if they are trained and love people…enjoy making those memories.

*Dalmatian Photos are by ALS Photography